• An energy saving additive which can be installed into any chiller or boiler system.
  • Water is used in cooling & boiler systems because it is cost effective and readily available, however in reality water alone is not the most efficient transporter of heat.
  • How RAPIDCHILL™ & RAPIDBOIL improve the heat transfer properties of the water? 
    • RAPIDCHILL™  & RAPIDBOIL reduce surface tension of the water by 60% resulting in  a significant effect on the overall system efficiency.
    • The Heat Transfer formula shown below demonstrates the proportional relationship between Heat (Q) and Area (A). 
    • Q= U*Area*ΔT


  • Energy saving additives for commercial chiller systems proven to save up to 15%.
  • Independently tested and proven by leading R&D company: Enertek International.
  • ​Proven to be non-corrosive and works with all brands of inhibitors.
  • ​Easy 1% system dosage.
  • ​Works in any closed loop  chiller system.​
  • ​100% organic with low carbon footprint and high carbon reduction potential