You are currently paying between 15-30% for air in your water bill. This is because over 99% of water meters measure by volume, they do not distinguish between water and air.

There are problems inherent in water delivery, usage and metering that can impact your water consumption and cost. By the time water reaches your flow meter, as much as 30% of the volume could be attributed to this turbulence.
Flow meters are designed to measure volume at specific flow range, any deviation from that flow rate can cause the meter to measure less accurately. This is especially true during surges, these occur when going from a closed system (high static pressure) to an open system (low dynamic pressure).

Once the Water Valve is installed on the property side of the flow meter, it is specifically designed to control your systems water pressure, flow rate and turbulence. Creating a compression zone, this pressurized column of water extends upstream through and past the flow meter. When any air reaches this pressurized water, the air becomes compressed and no longer maintains any volume. It passes the flow meter in this compressed state, after passing through the Air valve the water returns to its original uncompressed state. The compression zone also acts as a buffer to smooth out the surges within the system. The net result is laminar flow through the flow meter, where it is only measuring the water in its liquid form, providing a lower volume reading than water in its turbulent form.

As a result water consumption is reduced between 15% and 30%. In addition,you reduce your sewage, as your sewage is expense based on your water consumption.