Fridge Saver

    • Fridge Saver designed to monitor your produce temperature within your refrigeration system and to ensure it is cooled within accepted guidelines of product temperature, saving up to 30% of energy costs
    • How it works?
      • Simply insert any kind of temperature probe or refrigeration safe thermometer into the specially formulated produce simulant inside the Fridge Saver. Now you will be recording the temperature of produce (similar to placing the probe or thermometer into any piece of produce in the refrigerator).
      • The simulant will last for many years and will not wither or dry within the specially designed refrigeration safe container, the system is certified to stay at the same temperature as produce (within 2 degrees F below and 5 degrees F above of produce temperatures, which is a widely accepted variance in the food industry).
    • Use it to control your refrigeration cycles:
      • Simply insert your Air on/Air Off probes into the Fridge Saver and your refrigeration will now respond to “Certified Product Temperatures” and not “Air Temperature”.
      • The Fridge Saver is certified as operating at precisely the temperature of produce there is no guess work, no maintenance & no control issues, allowing you to set your “Set point” correctly and leave the rest to the Fridge Saver.

Key Benefits

  • The Fridge Saver is a cube of product simulant is “specifically designed, formulated and certified” to change temperature at the same rate as food produce.
  • It is contained in a certified “Refrigeration safe” plastic which has been specifically designed to allow the simulant to cool or warm at the same rate as food produce.
  • The simulant will give you a temperature reading of produce 10mm below the surface of the produce (NSF Certified as being a maximum of 2 degrees F below and 5 degrees F above a wide range of control products) a generally an acceptable level of variance
  • The simulant is highly durable lasting many years and is totally food safe (even edible). The Fridge Saver is already widely used in conjunction with most food groups including dairy or other liquids on many thousands of installations.