Simple Solution to Hard Water Problems.

  • How it works?
    • It provides a Magnetic & Electric field with high speed pulse that creates Nano bubbles that coats the inside of the pipe that does not allow scale to form.
    • Hard scale is calcite. This product converts calcite to aragonite which is very powdery and easy to wipe off.
    • The magnetic field changes the surface tension of water and creates a mechanical component that breaks down scale over time and allows it to pass through the pipes. As hard water is removed the water pressure increases and helps to remove existing scale and stops new scale build up on pipes, heating elements and any other surfaces.
    • Easy installation—No plumber needed
                 *** No maintenance –No Salt ***

Commercial & Industrial Applications

Removes existing lime scale on cooling tower fill, sump tank, spray headers valves, pumps, pipes, heat ex-changer plates, heating coils, boiler fire tubes, condensation tank, valves, dishwashers, ice machines, steamers ,drinking fountains and coffee makers.
•Eliminate the need for costly chemicals
•Reduce blow downs saving water and sewer charges
•Reduce energy cost to 30% due to heat transfer working
more efficiently.
•Eliminate costly salt and maintenance prone water softeners
•Reduce bio-corrosion
•Use less soap and cleaning products. Water using appliances
last longer
• Sends data via Bluetooth, WIFI or Cellphone​

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