What do you specialize on?

Efficient Maintenance LLC dba EnerG+ is a Florida Certified General Contractor specialized in new technologies on the Energy & Water savings as well as Soil Stabilization solutions.

How much can you possibly save in energy and water on a single facility?

Depending on the application we can save in average up to 50% in energy and up to 40% in water when our solutions are combined.

What is the typical Return on Investment (ROI) on your solutions?

Depending on the solution our ROIs average 18 months and will never exceed 2 years.

How does your shared energy savings program work?

We conduct an energy audit on your facility and determine if you qualify to our shared energy savings program. If you qualify, based on the projected energy savings, we sign a negotiated long-term contract and you save energy and earn part of the savings.

How do you determine the baseline energy consumption?

We evaluate your review your energy bills for the last 3-5 years. Then we connect an energy management hardware and software system and evaluate your current consumption.

Which industries you are currently serving?

We specialize on the hospitality industry as well as federal government facilities.

Do you offer warranty on your products?

All our products have standard warranties that varies between 2-10 years depending on the product. In addition, we guarantee the performance of our product or your money back.

Would any of your products damage my equipment?

None of our products will damage your equipment. Our manufacturers carry a $1Million warranty to cover any issues derived from the installation of our products.

Are your products manufactured in the US?

We carry technology from all over the world. Some of our products are manufactured in the US and others are manufactured at Countries designated in the Trade Agreements Act per FAR 52.225-5.

What type of solutions you offer for Soil Stabilization?

EnerG+ has a partnering agreement with Polymer Technologies USA (www.PolytechUS.com). Polymer Technologies USA is the only company in the world to successfully address the unstable, sub soil conditions, using chemical grouting at depths in excess of 10 feet below grade level. This proven delivery method of soil stabilization has been tested and verified at depths in excess of 100′.

Take Action to Lower your Energy and Water Bills

Take Action to Lower your Energy and Water Bills

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© 2019 Efficient Maintenance LLC. All rights reserved. Powered by BYTEIO