Refrigerated Truck Package

  • Fridge Saver: Saving 10-30% of Refrigeration Energy Consumption:

    Fridge Saver is designed to monitor your produce temperature within your refrigeration system and to ensure it is cooled within accepted guidelines of product temperature, saving up to 30% of enery costs.

  • Simply insert any kind of temperature probe of refrigeration safe thermometer into the specially formulated produce simulant inside the Fridge Saver. Now you will be recording the temperature of produce (simliar to placing the probe or thermometer into any piece of produce in the refrigerator).
  • The simulant will last for many years and will not wither or dry within the specially designed refrigeration safe container, the system is certified to stay at the same temperature as produce (within 2 degrees F below and 5 degrees F above of produce temperatures , which is a widely accepted variance in the food industry).
  • Simply insert your Air on/Air Off probes into the Fridge Saver and your refrigeration will now respond to “Certified Product Temperatures” and not “Air Temperature”. The Fridge Saver is certified as operating at precisely the temperature of produce there is no guess work, no maintenance & no control issues, allowing you to set you “Set Point” correctly and leave the rest to the Fridge Saver.

Fridge Saver – Key Benefits

The Fridge Saver is a cube of product simulant is “specifically designed, formulated and certified” to change temperature at the same rate as food produce. It is contained in a certified “Refrigeration Safe” plastic which has been specifically designed to callow the simulant to cool or warm at the same rate as food produce. The simulant will give you a temperature reading of produce 10mm below the surface of the produce (NSF Certified as being maximum of 2 degrees F below and 5 degrees F above a wide range of control products) a generally an acceptable level of variance. The simulant is highly durable lasting many years and is totally safe (even edible). The Fridge Saver is already widely used in conjunction with most food groups including dairy or other liquids on many thousands of installations.

The globally patented system is contained in a compact and unobtrusive package making it a must for those in the food industry providing the following key benefits.

By inserting a refrigeration air on / off probe into the Fridge Saver you ensure your refrigeration operates on the basis of food temperature, not air temperature. Since food changes temperature far slower than air, your refrigerator will ‘cycle’ far less often. As a direct result, your average energy consumption will reduce by up to 30% as well as an impressive Carbon Footprint reduction. Better & safer than using ‘dampers’ or logic systems as these systems work by operating the required “refrigeration against the temperature” and not by the alternatively certified of measuring the “temperature against the produce” itself.

The food is stored at a more stable, consistent and safer temperature. Afer all it is now being maintained by product temperature not air temperature. A common result is that your food will last longer and even taste better than before.

The refrigerator will start less often (typically 60-80% less often) this will dramatically reduce your refrigeration energy consumption and costs. Maintenance costs are also reduced. When the compressor starts it will come on for longer periods. The results show that the refrigerator starts are smoother, the refrigeration is typically better balanced and the refrigerants have time to circulate properly. Compressor failures are dramatically reduced. Overall service condition improves.

The ROI can be between three months (Cold Rooms) and eighteen months (Small commercial refrigerators). This ROI is calculated on Electricity alone without  accounting for maintenance or produce savings. The more energy consumption, the more energy saved, the faster the financial payback.

What is EER BOOST?


  • EER Boost is an Energy Efficient Refrigerant​ Replacement

    Unique Features:
    • An ideal replacement for R22, R134a, R407c & R404a
    • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
    • Average 25% KW-h reduction  without loss of system capacity
    • Average 12 month Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Class A1 Non-Flammable Refrigerant
    • Proven 20-30% savings without Equipment Modification
    • Best Environmental Solution Available
    • EER Boost meets all environmental compliance regulations 
    • Backed with Full Warranty
  • R-134a  ———————————————————–  RAISE EER BOOST™ -L
  • R-22, R-404a, R-407c, R-407a ————— RAISE EER BOOST™ -M
System Charging
    • Initially charge 85% of OEM recommended charge
    • Remove liquid only from RAISE EER BOOST™ cylinder
    • Charge RAISE EER BOOST™ refrigerant in the receiver or high side of the system with the compressor off
    • Run system and add refrigerant if needed to design subcooling. Adjust TEV if needed
    • Charging system by clearing sight glasses is not recommended
    • RAISE EER BOOST™ is compatible with mO, AB, POE, and PVE oils and no compressor lubricant retrofit is required

What is Restore 1030?


  • An Air Conditioning treatment optimizer that is added to the HVAC or Chiller refrigerant.
  • It restores your A/C output to like-new performance, with colder/ dryer Air.
  • Only one treatment is required for the life of the system.
RESTORE1030™ has been proven to increase A/C and refrigeration system efficiency by 15% on average by optimizing the system in 3 distinct ways.
  • Through the removal of oil-fouling. This removal restores the 20-30% loss in heat transfer capability, allowing for enhanced refrigerant contact with coils. Additionally, the unit is protected from future oil-fouling for the life of the system.
  • The second optimization causes the refrigerant to evaporate or “boil” at a higher temperature. The cumulative effect of these 2 components working together results in a 73% improvement in heat transfer capability.
  •  Increases lubricity and boost in the compressor oil’s performance. The tenacious bond actually keeps the friction reducing properties even when the oil is not present. In addition, there is less wear and tear on the equipment; extending the life of the equipment and lowering maintenance costs.
RESTORE1030™ is not a PROA (polarized refrigerant oil additives). Those “additives” have been re-marketed in various formulas and under different names for the past 25+ years.
  • By eliminating oil fouling, RESTORE 1030 increases refrigerant flow by 5-8% and increases heat transfer and efficiency for the life of the system​.
  • ​​Virtually eliminates the AMP spike and reduces the operating amperage draw of the compressor by reducing friction.
  • Allows the compressor to operate at a lower temperature and pressure.
    • Reduces compressor noise level by 3-5 decibels.​

*HVAC/R System performance is degraded by as much as 30% in a 10 year period due to the build-up of lubricants on internal surfaces. A Survey of Refrigerant Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Emphasizing the Oil Effects and In Tube Augmentation:
“ASHRAE Winter Symposium of 1987; Schlager, Pate and Berles.”

Gear Treatment

Synthetic Gear Oil is a premium extreme pressure lubricant designed for use in conventional differentials, limited-slip differentials, and manual transmissions. Synthetic Gear Oil provides superior lubrication and protection from wear, pitting and corrosion, and improved performance in extreme temperatures.

Synthetic Gear Oil is a versatile multi-grade synthetic, A.P.I. GL-5 rated gear lubricant formulated to SAE 75w140 viscosity. This product can be used in place of SAE 75w, SAE 80w-90, SAE 90or SAE 80w-140 or SAE 140 oils.

Regular Maintenance and Gear Box Fluid Exchange will help:

  • Reduce cost of repairs.
  • Reduce gear noise.
  • Improve gas mileage.
  • Reduce wear metals and contaminants.
  • Reduce operating temperature.


What is the Eco-Valve?

It is a Height Compensator installed in the intake manifold in order to maintain adequate proportions of air and gasoline/diesel entering the engine, adjusting them according to the height above sea level. By dosing an adequate amount of air, an efficient mixture with gasoline/diesel is produced that improves the overall performance of a new or used engine of any car, bus or truck that works with (gasoline or diesel) fuel with either electronic injection or carburetor.

Benefits of the Eco-Valve:
  1. Reduces fuel consumption: The Eco-Valve allows the “bypass” entry of air into the engine, which decreases the amount of air that usually enters through the purifier filter and then passes through the carburetor producing a reduction in the drag or suction of fuel.
  2. Reduces environmental pollution: The Eco-Valve reduces environmental pollution by dosing an adequate proportion of air into the engine to produce optimum combustion and thus reduce the emission of polluting gases.
  3. Reduces the physical consumption of engine oil: The height compensator reduces the physical consumption of engine oil by 40% because it consistently maintains an adequate mixture of air and fuel and keeps the viscosity of the oil.
  4. Reduces engine knocking: the entry of fresh air into the intake system through the Eco-Valve causes a favorable decrease in the temperature inside the combustion chamber; similar to the effect produced by the EGR gas recirculation system (exhaust gas recirculation), which translates into less “engine knocking” and less environmental pollution due to nitrogen oxides commonly known as NOXs.
  5. Recovers Engine Power: When traveling on a vehicle equipped with a conventional non-turbocharged and naturally aspirated engine a gradual loss of power becomes evident as the height rises above sea level (1% for every 100 meters), especially above 800 meters. All this because the decrease in atmospheric pressure with height causes it to find less mass of oxygen entering the combustion chamber. Resulting in an incomplete combustion, therefore not releasing the full potential of fuel energy. The Eco-Valve allows the air / fuel ratio to be balanced according to the height above sea level; that is, there is more oxygen present, allowing a more complete and efficient combustion, improving the response when stepping on the accelerator.

Engine Max

Engine Max Oil Treatment & Oil Stabilizer:

Engine MAX Treatment & Oil Stabilizer is formulated with friction reducing technology designed to reduce maintenance, improve performance, and extend engine life! After application, the lubrication system of the engine will carry the patent-pending formula to the lubricated friction surfaces. Once heated, our formula bonds to the friction surfaces, filling in the microscopic scratches and pores, which:

  • Increases Compression
  • Increases Fuel Mileage
  • Helps Prevent Oil Breakdown
  • Reduces Oil Consumption
  • Reduces Friction Wear & Heat Stress
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Cold Start Protection
  • Extends Engine Life
  • Engine Max Is compatible with all oils, conventional as well as synthetics, and is safe for GDI, PFI, and diesel engines.

o        Reduces wear by 50% – 90%, as shown by oil analysis.

o        Uses a heavy molecular weight PTFE making it more durable.

o        Chemically inert – does not react to other chemicals.

o        Sub-micron particle (starting at .05 microns) formula to better fuse to the metal asperities.

o        Formulated bonding agents are designed to fuse to engine’s friction surfaces to engine life.

o        Our PTFE is unique in that friction decreases exponentially as load and/or pressure increases.

Sizes : 32 oz and 1 Gallon

Premium Diesel Treatment

Premium Diesel Treatment removes water while cleaning and lubricating injectors, valves, upper cylinders, and rings. Premium Diesel Treatment also helps improve combustion efficiency while helping reduce exhaust emissions and smoke.

  • Cleans fuel injectors.
  • Raises cetane number.
  • Improves rapid starting and power.
  • Reduces exhaust smoke and knock.
  • Helps prevent oxidation of fuel with fuel stabilizers.
  • Provides rust and corrosion protection for fuel-system components.
  • Lubricates to protect fuel pump, injectors, and all fuel-system parts.
  • Safe for ALL Diesel Engines!

Sizes : 10 oz, 1 Gal, 5 Gal, 55 Gal

Fuel Juel

Fuel Juels  is the ONLY time-released fuel treatment in the world!
One application continuously treats up to 12 tankful’s of fuel!

  • Helps restore fuel mileage up to 7%.
  • Lasts up to 6,000 miles (approximately 12 tankful’s).
  • Increases compression.
  • Fights ethanol problems.
  • Boosts octane.
  • Removes water.
  • Lubricates.
  • 2-stage cleaning.
  • Safe for both GDI and PFI engines!
  • Great for high-mileage engines.
    Size : 10 oz