Monitoring & Energy Management

What is the MEGE Program? It is a robust Monitoring and Energy Management system. The MEGE provides an agile model that will allow all members of the organization to get involved in the objective of overcoming the energy challenge.

How does it work?  The program is based on the ISO 50001 standard. Plan-Do-Check- Act for the continuous improvement of energy efficiency.

Plan: Perform the energy review and establish the baseline, energy performance indicators (EnPIs),  objectives and action plans necessary to obtain results in accordance with opportunities to improve energy efficiency and energy policy of the organization. 

►Do: Implement action plan for  Energy Management. 

►Check: Monitor and measure the processes and key characteristics of the operations that determine energy performance, in relation to energy policy and objectives  and report the results. 

►Act: Take actions to continually improve energy efficiency and EMS (Energy Management System)

What is included?

We will develop a policy for a more efficient energy use. Set goals and objectives to comply with the policy. Use data to better understand and make appropriate decisions about energy use and measure results.

Below is a list of the MEGE  program capability:

1.1Open source Individual or in group energy meters  according to the existing install
1.2Standard meters and transformers replaceable by any UL certified system
1.3Integration of chiller to automation and control platform.
1.4Integration of the variable frequency drives to the automation and control platform.
1.5Provide and install digital thermostats operated via wifi and on App for all classrooms
1.6Local platform of implementation and control
1.7Web portal that allows access to monitoring system
1.8Stand Alone system for every school with a lifetime software proprietary run time license.
1.9Preparation of all ” As Built “, electric and HVAC drawings
2.1Monitoring of all operational parameters of Chillers, local & vía web
2.2Monitoring 24/7 of the chiller efficiency; local & via web
2.3Control & monitoring of Air Handling Units - AHUs; local y via web
2.4Temperature , humidity control of each room; local y web based
2.5Occupancy based control for each room that change temperature set points.
2.6Monitoring of the variable frequency drives of the main motors local & via web
2.7Monitoring in real time the line of the electric diagram local and via web.
2.8Run time counter to coordinate HVAC maintenance schedule
2.9Unlimited scheduling timers , for control 24/365 for Chillers, AHUs, pumps & , thermostats , occupancy and humidity sensors.
3Procedures and Facility Management
3.1Scheduling of air conditioner in all rooms according to customer schedule
3.2Calculation in real time of savings in energy kW-hr, CO2 including Dashboard for “advertising”
3.3Monthly Energy Management Reports (Key performance indicators)
3.4Implementation of the "Energy Star" standard
3.5“Energy Coaching” for facility and energy manager to improve energy management
3.6Knowledge platform on site to transmit customer personnel energy conscience.
3.7Web page to access training platforms for measuring, and verification of data.

Who can benefit?

Any organization, regardless of its current level of control over energy use can implement the MEGE program to establish a baseline then improve it at a rhythm adjusted to its needs and capabilities.