Refresh Auto

Refresh Auto  A/C Performance Booster is unlike anything else on the market! It not only cleans and removes oil fouling with its innovative formula but also contains an A/C Booster and Leak Detector.

Our patent-pending formula cleans and protects your automotive A/C system by fighting against oil fouling, heat, and friction. It also boosts the cooling power, while extending A/C system life.

  • Decreases evaporator temperature.
  • Eliminates and prevents oil fouling.
  • Speeds up heat transfer.
  • Increases refrigerant flow.
  • Faster cabin cool down.
  • Colder air and increased comfort.
  • Lowers pool boiling temperature.
  • Reduces fuel use.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Cleans and treats friction bearing surfaces.
  • Extends compressor life.
  • Reduces compressor noise.
  • Increases system life.

Sizes : Single application can