• Ball Tech Energy’s sand filters have been developed especially for water filtration in contaminated water applications where sand grains adhere to each other and cause filter clogging.
      • In such applications, simple backwashing of the grains has proven ineffective.
      • In Ball Tech Energy’s patented filter, every single sand grain is washed as a single unit. Replacing the sand in the filter, as is done in commonplace filters, becomes unnecessary
      • A Ball Tech Energy model WSMF-30 filter is capable of bringing water turbidity level of 35NTU down to a level of 2 NTU, taking into account a flow rate of 6 m3/hr
• 95% savings compare to any common known media back wash filter.
• Total water requirements for complete washing is up to 5% of the amount needed with any other sand media filter.
• Filter’s media does not coalesce into clusters therefore the filter’s media does not clog.
• It is not necessary to replace or refresh the sand.

Automatic Tube Cleaning System (ATCS)

  • No single method has been able to eliminate the problems of sediment accumulating in central cooling systems like Ball Tech Energy ATCS system.
  • The Ball-Tech system is a fully automated, hydro mechanical, reliable with no moving parts system that keeps condensers absolutely and constantly clean.
  • The system recycles sponge balls through the condenser tubes at programmable intervals. These sponge balls collect all sediment from the tubes inner surfaces without causing any disturbance to the water flow and pressures.
  • The ATCS cleaning operation takes only a few seconds.
  • The system injects and collects the soft balls in seconds, it’s an 100% reliable system
  • The ATCS inject sponge balls every 30 minutes (adjustable) which clean the tubes and totally avoids scale formation.
  • The sponge balls made of natural rubber with special wear resistance additives.
  • The sponge ball diameter is 1 mm larger than that of the heat exchanger inside tube diameter.
  • Sponge ball and condense water specific weight are identical.
  • Sponge ball has excellent flexibility.
  • The Sponge balls enter and move through the heat exchanger tubes by the water flow
  • The sponge balls wipe off the inner tubes walls without disturbing the condense water flow.
  • Replace the sponge balls every 1500 Hrs of the chiller operation time.