Marine Fuel Solutions

Marine Fuel Treatment and Stabilizer

Marine Treatment

Marine fuel treatment and stabilizer is specially formulated for gasoline or diesel engines used in the marine industry environments. It fights problems caused by ethanol fuel through advanced water removal. This highly concentrated blend of detergents and cleaners also removes deposits from fuel system components such as injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers, which can help provide easier starting less stalling smoother idling and better throttle response.

  • Fights ethanol fuel problems
  • Helps prevent phase separation
  • Removes water from the system
  • Boosts octane
  • Helps improve power
  • Lubricates and cleans injectors
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Stabilizes gasoline to keep it fresh
  • Will not harm catalytic converter systems or oxygen sensors
  • Helps engines start easier and run more smoothly

Sizes : 10 oz, 1 Gal, 5 Gal, 55 Gal

Engine Max

Engine MAX Treatment & Oil Stabilizer is formulated with friction reducing technology designed to reduce maintenance, improve performance, and extend engine life! After application, the lubrication system of the engine will carry the patent-pending formula to the lubricated friction surfaces. Once heated, our formula bonds to the friction surfaces, filling in the microscopic scratches and pores, which:

  • Increases Compression
  • Increases Fuel Mileage
  • Helps Prevent Oil Breakdown
  • Reduces Oil Consumption
  • Reduces Friction Wear & Heat Stress
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Cold Start Protection
  • Extends Engine Life
  • Engine Max Is compatible with all oils, conventional as well as synthetics, and is safe for GDI, PFI, and diesel engines.

o        Reduces wear by 50% – 90%, as shown by oil analysis.

o        Uses a heavy molecular weight PTFE making it more durable.

o        Chemically inert – does not react to other chemicals.

o        Sub-micron particle (starting at .05 microns) formula to better fuse to the metal asperities.

o        Formulated bonding agents are designed to fuse to engine’s friction surfaces to engine life.

o        Our PTFE is unique in that friction decreases exponentially as load and/or pressure increases.

Sizes : 32 oz and 1 Gallon