Background –  

East Coast Grow is a premier Medical Marijuana Cultivator in Southern Maine. Given the nature of an indoor marijuana cultivation facility, high standards of hygiene, particularly the control of common molds and yeast play a critical role in obtaining a marketable harvest. At the Request of their Master Grower, We have installed BetterAir’s  Biotica-800 for dispersing Enviro-Biotics into 1 Flowering/Bloom Room to ascertain the effects.

     The Duration of the test shall be an entire Flowering Cycle. The Flower Room is 35’x 15’ or 525 Sq. Ft.

     The Flowering Room runs 8 Lights with a total of 6,000 Watts that cycle with 12 hours of daylight and        12 hours of darkness daily.   The average temperature is 78 Degrees. The average humidity level is 55%

During this test there will be no change in the historical growing regime with the only variable being the introduction of BetterAir’ s Enviro-Biotics. 

Study Objective –

– Master Grower is looking for overall hygiene increase in both air and on surfaces.

-Master Grower is looking for a remediation/ prevention method for common molds (Powdery Mildew, Leaf Sephoria) that are common in indoor cultivation.

-Master grower is looking to clean and remove pathogenic  bacteria and mold from surfaces and stagnant air.

Observations- Before Harvest ( Enviro-Biotics Treating the Facility During the Entire Grow Cycle)

Master Grower Has Reported no signs of Mold or Mildew on surfaces or on flowering plants.

-Master Grower has reported no signs of pests, and a significant reduction in fungus gnats

– Master Grower noticed much cleaner grow room surfaces, making daily clean-up and harvest clean-up much faster.

-Master Growers noticed stronger roots/stalks/leaves, and all around vigor of plant increased

Results and Observations- After Harvest Utilizing Better’Air’s Enviro-Biotics

  • Master Grower recorded a 38% increase in yield on a per plant basis.
  • Laboratory Testing verified a 48% increase in THC % ( Lab Report Below)
  • Laboratory Testing verified no detectible mold ( Lab Report Below)
  • Master Grower Noticed more density to marijuana buds on both the top and bottom of the plant
  • Master Grower noticed better response from resin glands, resulting in more Trichomes

All testing was done by Sensible….. The Leading Marijuana Testing Laboratory in New England.  A copy of their report is attached. 

Historical Harvest Without                                                      Harvest Utilizing Enviro-Biotics

Utilizing Enviro-Biotics                                                             During the Grow Cycle

8 Lights                                                                                         8 Lights

21 Plants                                                                                       18 Plants

10 Gallon Pots                                                                             7 Gallon Pots

3,584 Grams                                                                                4,256 Grams

170 Grams a Plant                                                                      236.44 Grams a Plant

Conclusions:  After introducing the BetterAir’s Biotica800 into the flower room ( the only variable to historical harvest results) the master grower has not only reported incredible results as far as cleanliness and happiness of plants, but has also reported increased per plant yield, increased THC content and most importantly no detectible mold of any kind.

There were no other changes in growing regime other than the introduction of BetterAir’ s Enviro-Biotics.